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GraphQL was introduced within Totara in version 13. It is intended to meet a number of requirements:

  • Replace web services as the core API for all automated access to data and services
  • Provide a consistent interface for making AJAX requests for system data for use by Javascript-driven interfaces
  • Provide support to allow the Totara mobile app to interact with the application

By choosing a single solution for all these use cases we avoid duplicating work - if we implement a service for one purpose it can be used by the others too. Since we now have an API-first approach to development this means that all new services will automatically come with GraphQL services for all application interactions. This will naturally lead to a comprehensive external access API.

GraphQL replaces the previous Web services provided by Moodle. Web services remain in the platform currently but will be deprecated and removed as new GraphQL APIs are added to replace them.

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