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As a Learner your grades area lists all courses in which you are enrolled or associated, along with any grades or scores achieved within those courses. This area can be accessed by selecting Grades in the User menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Accessing grades via the user menu

As a Learner, all your enrolled courses will be displayed under Courses I am taking with the Grade achieved (to date) listed to the right. The course name is a link to the user's gradebook within the corresponding course and will show all gradeable items and current score.

Courses I am taking.

A Site Administrator or Trainer will additionally see a list of courses in which they hold Editing Trainer or Trainer roles (or another role other than Learner) under Courses I am teaching.

The course name is a link to the corresponding course Grader report.

Courses I am taking and Courses I am teaching.

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