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These settings affect how courses are displayed in Totara.

A Site Administrator can configure the site-wide course settings by going to Site administration > Courses > Course settings.




Course contacts

This setting allows you to control who appears on the course description. Users need to have at least one of these roles in a course to be shown on the course description for that course.

Note that this setting overrides the moodle/user:viewdetails capability. Any user who has one of the roles selected to be a course contact will have their profile visible to course users.

By default this is set to Editing Trainers.

Display extended course names

When showing lists of courses, or when referring to courses on administration screens, show the course short name as well as the full name. In fact, when you turn this setting on, the display uses the courseextendednamedisplay language string, so you can change what is displayed using language customisation.

Courses per page

Enhanced catalogue is enabled. To change the number of records displayed, edit the report, go to the General tab, and change the Number of records per page.

Courses with summaries limit

The maximum number of courses to display in a course listing including summaries before falling back to a simpler listing.

Course summary files limit

The maximum number of files that can be attached to a course summary.

Course summary files extensionsA comma-separated list of allowed course summary files extensions.-

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