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Within a workspace members can contribute to discussions in the Discuss tab. Discussions can include text, links, attached files and images, and embedded media. Users can comment on each other's posts and reply to other comments.

Starting a discussion

In Totara Engage you can start a discussion in a workplace by following these steps:

  1. Click Workspaces, then select the workspace in which you want to start the discussion.
  2. Go to the Discuss tab.
  3. Type your discussion post in the text editor and add any links, images, or files.
  4. Click Post.

The Discuss tab iwith a text editor for posting discussions.

To edit a discussion the poster can click the ellipsis icon () and select Edit.

Any files attached when creating a discussion post will be stored in the workspace's file storage. You can review all of the files attached to discussions in a workspace by clicking Browse files.

Participating in discussions

Members of a workspace can review a list of discussion threads posted to the workspace on the Discuss tab. Each discussion will display the following information:

  • Discussion poster: The user who posted the discussion will be displayed, with their name and profile picture linking to their profile page
  • Timestamp: Shows when the discussion was posted
  • Content: The discussion content posted by the user
  • Likes and comments: The number of likes and comments from workspace participants

On the discussion tab each card will only show an excerpt of the discussion text. To see the entire post you can click the ellipsis icon (), then View full discussion. Workspace members can also select Copy link from the same menu to copy the URL of the post.

Other users can comment on the original post by clicking the Comment button, or reply to other users' comments by clicking Reply. By default replies to comments will be hidden, but can be revealed by clicking Show replies. Once there are several comments on a discussion only the most recent comment will be displayed. You can either click View earlier comments to expand the comments on the Discuss tab, or View full discussion to see the discussion in full. Members of the workspace can also like the discussion as a whole or individual comments within it, showing that they like or appreciate the content.

A discussion post with multiple comments.

Participants can add hashtags to their comments (e.g. #leadership), or mention other users to notify them about the post (e.g. @gregp).

If a user who started the discussion is suspended or deleted from the site, the discussion will remain active but the poster's user information won't be displayed. Instead the profile picture will be replaced with a generic icon and the user information will be replaced with placeholders. If the user is purged and discussion data is also selected to be purged, the discussion and all comments will be permanently deleted.

Users can also report inappropriate discussion posts and comments, allowing Site Administrators or Workspace Owners to remove the content if required.

Sorting and searching discussions

Users looking for discussions on a specific topic or wanting to revisit a discussion can use the search bar. This searches for any text included in the original posts and comments.

You can also sort discussion topics in order of when they were originally posted (Date posted) or how recently someone has commented on them (Last updated).


Any files uploaded in discussions will be stored in the workspace's Files area. You can access this page by clicking Browse files from the Discuss tab.

The files section of a workspace.

Here you can click the file's name to view the file, or click Download to save a local copy of the file. Additionally you can click View discussion to see the discussion thread in which the file was uploaded. When you have a large number of files in a workspace, you can filter the list to show a specific File format, or sort by Uploaded dateName or Size.

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