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Editing Trainers can do almost anything within a course, including adding or changing the activities and grading Learners.

By default, Editing Trainers can also assign the Trainer role and/or the Learner role to other users. Other capabilities of an Editing Trainer include: 

  • Create and manage courses
  • Create and manage course activities
  • Manage grades
  • Administer course settings backup/restore
  • Administer course badges
  • View course activity logs
  • Add course blocks

Users are not assigned the role of Editing Trainer throughout the site by default, but are instead assigned (enrolled) as an Editing Trainer to a each course as required, one at a time. The same applies to Learners.

Editing Trainers can only make changes in the courses they have been enrolled in. 

Changing Editing Trainer permissions

If you really need to change the default Editing Trainer role, follow these steps:

  1. From the Site administration menu go to Permissions > Define roles.
  2. You will see Manage roles with a list of user roles, locate the Editing Trainer role. 
  3. To the right of the Editing Trainer description, click on the edit icon (Cog icon for editing).
  4. From the Editing role 'Editing trainer' page you can change what an Editing Trainer can or cannot do by checking or unchecking the Allow check boxes under capability/permission. 

Be careful what you allow an Editing Trainer to do whilst you are adjusting the role's permissions/capabilities. Consider the security vulnerabilities of giving an Editing Trainer an inappropriate permission. Only give the Editing Trainer permissions that are necessary or appropriate. To the right of many of the Allow check boxes are coloured triangles that notify you of possible security warnings for each choice. Use those warnings to help you decide which permissions you will or won't give to your Editing Trainers.

If you need to modify the Editing Trainer role significantly, it is advisable to create a new role rather than editing the default Editing Trainer role.

Find out more about the other default roles in Totara.

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