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Users can create surveys as contributions in Totara Engage. Surveys consist of a single question with multiple answers and are used to collate users' opinions or preferences.

Note that unlike resources and playlists, Totara Engage surveys do not appear in the catalogue.

Creating a survey

  1. Navigate to Learn > Your Library from the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the Add icon () next to Your resources, or select a playlist and click the Add icon in the dotted outline.
  3. Select the Survey tab in the dialogue box.
  4. Enter the survey question (maximum 75 characters).
  5. Select whether the user can select a single option or multiple options under How many answers can users select?
  6. Enter the answers/options under the What are the answer options? heading (maximum 80 characters per answer). You can add more options, up to a total or ten answers, by selecting the add button () and delete options (except for the first two) using the Delete icon ().
  7. Select Next.
  8. Select whether EveryoneLimited people, or Only you can see the resource.
  9. If you select Everyone you need to assign the resource to a topic or topics using the Assign topic(s) dropdown. You can remove topics by clicking the X.
  10. If you select Everyone or Limited people you can choose who the resource is shared with and where it is shown using the Share to specific people or workspaces dropdown. Note that this setting is optional if Who can see this? is set to Everyone.
  11. Select Done to create the resource.

Creating a survey in Totara Engage.

Once the survey has been created it will display on the My resources page of your library in a card format, as shown below. Note the differences between survey (right) and resource (left) cards.

A resource card (left) and a survey card (right).

The card displays the survey question and the icon in the bottom-right corner indicates the visibility of the survey (Everyone, Limited people, or Only you). If required, you can edit the question and options, as well as which other users the survey is shared with, by selecting the Edit survey button.

Once your survey has received its first response you can no longer edit the survey question, options or visibility.

Participation and survey results

Users with access to a survey can participate by clicking the Vote button. Additionally users can bookmark () a survey if they want to come back and view the results at a later date.

Clicking Vote will take the user to the survey page, which displays the survey question and answers on the left and an information panel on the right.

Voting in a Totara Engage survey.

As a participant you can't see the survey results until you have voted. After voting you can see the overall results, including the number and percentage of respondents who selected each answer. Survey creators can see the survey results at all times.

Engage survey results.

Totara Academy

The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using playlists and resources in Totara Engage. Here you can find out more about creating and sharing playlists and resources, as well as find best-practice guidance.

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