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As with other functionality on Totara, you can use reports to gain insight into Learners' grades, or see an overview of your own grades if you are a Learner.

Trainers and Editing Trainers can use the grader report to see a summary of all of their Learners' grades in a given course. You can use this report to view aggregated grades or a more detailed view, edit individual grades, or change how grades are calculated. Alternatively, you can view a specific learner's grades across the site using the grade overview report. While Learners can view their own grades using this report, Trainers can view the site-wide grades for the learners enrolled on their courses.

You can also use single view reports to view all grade results for individual Learners or items in the gradebook.

Finally, you can see all of the actions taken relating to grades in a certain course using the grade history report. You can either view actions taken by each Trainer, for each grade item, or for each learner. For example, you might want to view all changes made to a certain learner's grades in order to see why their overall grade had changed.

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