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There may be times you need to investigate certain actions within the system - this could be due to performance issues, or prompted by a Trainer or Learner experiencing issues. 

There are two main ways this can be done:

  • Using system logs
  • By creating reports using the log source

Using system logs

Within Totara a Site Administrator can set parameters to review logs, showing actions taken on the system, by going to Quick-access menu > Server > Logs. You can also view live logs, to see what is currently happening on the system by going to Quick-access menu > Server > Live logs. Both of these logs give Site Administrators the ability to review actions from across the system.

Example of live logs showing errors on the site.

Site Administrators can also configure settings for the standard logs and manage any additional log store plugins via Quick-access menu > Plugins > Logging. You can see the Logging page for more information. 

If you are using Totara Learn, then Trainers can access similar logs on a course-only basis from the Administration block on each course. You can read more about the course specific logs (which include logs and live logs) on the Course reports page.

Creating custom log reports

If you are looking to report on something specific then it is also possible to create a custom report using the report builder tool using the Site logs report source. 

  1. Go to Quick-access menu > Reports.
  2. Select the Create report button.
  3. Give the report a name and choose the Site logs report source. 
  4. Select the Create report button. 
  5. Complete the setting, including choosing which Columns you want to include (remember to click Save changes before moving between tabs).

You can find more details on creating and configuring reports on the Creating reports page. 

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