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For sites upgrading to 12.0 from version 2.9 or earlier, please read Upgrading and using job assignments.

The job assignments functionality allows you to capture the different roles and responsibilities a user might hold within their organisation. Job assignments can be created and updated manually via a user's profile or via HR import and users may hold any number of job assignments, with each job optionally linked to a positionorganisation, manager, appraiser and temporary manager.

Capturing job assignment information within your Totara site allows you to:

  • Link a staff member to multiple managers
  • Specify which manager should approve a seminar attendance request
  • Specify which manager should complete an appraisal form
  • Generate custom reporting based on job assignment(s)
  • Filter custom reporting based on the viewer's job assignment
  • Create dynamic audiences based on a user's job assignment(s)

User profile with multiple job assignments.

For users to hold multiple job assignments within Totara, must be enabled under Quick-access menu > Configure features > Shared services settings.


Managers with team members holding one or more job assignments, including users that also report to other managers, can see their team's details in their Team area and have full access to their record of learning and learning plans.

Team report.

Seminar events

For seminar events that require manager approval, Learners reporting to multiple managers can choose to select which job assignment and associated manager should receive the booking approval request. This allows the appropriate manager to approve attendance and manage team member training schedules.

In order for users to select their job assignment and associated manager during sign-up to a seminar event, must be enabled on via Quick-access menu > Seminar > Seminar Global Settings.

Seminar events.

Seminar sign-up.

Seminar sign-up.

When manager assignment data is not available and a seminar activity requires approval by Manager, the event sign-up page can be configured to force users to search for and select a user to approve their request to attend an event. The selected user will receive a notification about the request and instructions on how to approve or decline it. 

To use this feature User Select Manager must be enabled via Quick-access menu > Seminar > Seminar Global Settings.

Report builder

Job assignment column and search fields are available within the report builder, and the content displayed may be filtered by jobs and corresponding managers, allowing detailed data to be gathered around training, responsibilities across an organisation.

Report builder content filtering options.

Job assignment filters in report builder.


Rules around job assignments are available within dynamic audiences, allowing courses, programs and certifications, learning plans, goals and/or access rights to be assigned to the relevant people.

Job assignment dynamic audience rule sets.


When a user is assigned an appraisal form and has multiple job assignments, they will be required to select the job assignment linked to the appraisal before beginning the appraisal process. This will ensure the appropriate manager, manager's manager and/or appraiser is provided access to the appraisal form.

Appraisal job assignment selection.

Appraisal form after job assignment selection.

Totara Academy

The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using Positions, organisations and job assignments in Totara. Here you can learn more on how to use hierarchies and job assignments, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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