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If you were using a previous version of Totara before Totara Perform was introduced then it is possible to access legacy performance activities.

If you are a new Totara user (i.e. you are not upgrading from an older version of Totara) then these features will also be hidden and disabled by default.

Enabling legacy performance activities 

To do this you will first need to enable legacy activities

  1. As a Site Administrator go to Quick-access menu > Configure features > Perform settings.
  2. You can now enable the legacy activities you want access to (such as legacy 360 reviews or appraisals).
  3. Click the Save changes button. 

If you want users to be able to easily access legacy performance activities then you will need to also enable Show historic activities in Quick-access menu > Configure features > Perform settings. This will add a Historic activities tab when viewing performance activities. 

Viewing legacy performance activities (Site Administrator)

Once you have enabled legacy activities you can then view them by going to Quick-access menu > Legacy features. 

When viewing a legacy performance management activity you will see a banner indicating that there is a newer version of the feature available. Unless you have a specific reason for using the legacy feature, you should instead use the newer Totara 13 equivalent.

If you are not a Totara Perform subscriber you will not be able to enable Totara Learn performance management features such as:

Competency assignments


360 feedback


If you were using any legacy performance management activities prior to upgrading to Totara 13 you can see any legacy activities on the Manage performance activities page along with any newer activities. 

Accessing legacy performance activities

For a user to access legacy performance activities they will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Develop > Activities.
  2. Select the Historic activities tab. 

Example of Historic activities tab.

Legacy performance activities will need to be enabled by a Site Administrator. The Show historic activities setting will also need to be enabled. Please see Enabling legacy performance activities above. 

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