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In Totara Engage users can view resources, surveys, and playlists in their Library, which can be accessed via Learn > Your Library from the top navigation bar. The default view in the Library is Your resources.

You can navigate between the different sections of the Library using the side panel. The search bar allows you to look for items based on keywords, or search for a specific resource or playlist if you know its name.

The Library can be enabled or disabled in Configure features.

Your resources

This page shows all of the resources that the logged-in user has created.

The Your resources section of the library.

You can create a new resource by clicking the Add icon () next to Your resources.

Filters and sorting

You can filter and sort your resources in a number of ways to narrow down the resources shown. This can be useful if you have created a large number of resources.

  • Visibility: Show items based on who is able to see them. You can show items with All visibility settings, items Everyone can see, items Only you can see, or items Limited people can see
  • Type: Choose whether items for All types are shown, or only show Resources or Surveys
  • Topic: Choose whether items for All topics are shown, or only items for a specific topic
  • Sort by: Sort the resources by the date they were created (Created), how many likes they have received (Popular), or alphabetical order (A-Z)

Shared with you

This page shows a list of resources and playlists that have been shared with the logged-in user. Users can keep or remove any items that have been shared with them, or save them to Saved resources.

If you have multitenancy enabled on your site then users will only be able to see user-generated content from other users in their tenant. For example, a user in tenant A would not be able to view or participate in a survey created by a user in tenant B.

Filters and sorting

If a lot of resources have been shared with you then you can sort or filter the results shown.

As with the Your resources page you can filter by Type or Topic, and you can sort by the date the resources were created (Created), popularity (Popular), alphabetical order (A-Z), or the date they were shared with the user (Date shared). Note that the default sorting method is Date shared.

Saved resources

When viewing a resource you can save it by clicking the bookmark icon (), allowing you to easily return to it later.

Any resources you bookmark will be shown in the Saved resources section.

Saved resources page.

Your playlists

This section shows all playlists the logged-in user has created. You can click on each playlist to view the resources contained in the playlist.

You can create a new playlist by clicking the Add icon () next to Your playlists.

While viewing a playlist you have created you also add a resource or survey by clicking the Add icon within the dotted outline. You can also reorder the resources within the playlist by dragging and dropping them, or remove resources if required.

Viewing a playlist you have created.

Saved playlists

This section shows any playlists you have saved for later reference.

When viewing a playlist you can save it by clicking the bookmark icon (), and click the icon again to remove it from your saved playlists.

Other users' libraries

When users are looking to find new resources or playlists, they may want to browse their peers' libraries. 

By default in Totara Engage the custom Contributions section will be added to the user profile. You can configure the Contributions category by navigating to Quick-access menu > Users > User profile fields. Here you can change the name of the category by clicking the edit icon (). This section will initially contain a single field called User's contributions. You can configure this field's settings by clicking the edit icon ().

Users simply need to visit another user's profile and click the link (e.g. Steven Learner's library) in the Contributions block to view their resources, surveys and playlists. When viewing another user's library you will only be able to see resources that are public or have been shared with you.

Note that using multitenancy on your site will affect which Totara Engage content users are able to access. See Multitenancy in Totara Engage for more information.

Totara Academy

The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using playlists and resources in Totara Engage. Here you can find out more about creating and sharing playlists and resources, as well as find best-practice guidance.

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