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Badges are a form of digital credential, awarded to users for the achievement or demonstration of certain skills, knowledge or behaviours. As of Totara 13 Open Badges 2.0 is supported, meaning badges can use a range of new features such as multiple languages and version control.

After earning a badge, users can choose to display it publicly across a variety of social and professional networking platforms. When a badge is shared and displayed, details of the badge (such as the criteria for earning the badge and the organisation who awarded the badge) are shown. 

Within Totara, there are two types of badges:

  • Site badges: Available to all users within a site and awarded for activities or criteria at the system level - such as completing a program or adding information to a user profile field
  • Course badges: Available to users enrolled in a course and awarded for activities, behaviours or actions within course - such as completing an activity or the course

Enabling badges

The badges functionality is enabled by default but may be disabled or re-enabled within Configure features via the quick-access menu.

Enabling badges in Advanced features.

Badge settings

Site Administrators and users with capability badges:manageglobalsettings can configure the general Badge settings via the Badges area under the quick-access menu.

These options set the default values for fields in a new badge form, but can be changed by a badge creator if necessary. 

Badge issuer name

Set the name of the issuer.

The name will appear where the badges are displayed and may be the name of a specific individual (such as a Trainer) or the name of a group or organisation.
Set the email address of the issuer.This email address will be displayed where an individual is viewing the details of a displayed badge. For Open Badges v2.0 backpacks, this email address is used for authentication when publishing badges to a backpack.
Salt for hashing recipient's email address 

Using a hash allows backpack services to confirm the badge earner without having to expose their email address. This setting should only use numbers and letters.

For recipient verification purposes, please avoid changing this setting once issuing badges.
Enable course badges 

Allow badges to be created and awarded in the course context.

Course Creators and Editing Trainers will be able to create their own course-level badges.

Totara Academy

The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using Open badges in Totara. Here you can learn more on how to use the open badges, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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