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Within Totara Perform it is possible to create flexible performance activities to suit your needs. These activities allow you to carry out various performance tasks including appraisals, check-ins and other feedback. When creating performance activities you can configure the questions yourself, with many different question types available (from text answers to numeric and custom rating scales). You will also be able to set the frequency of the activity (for example you might set up weekly check-ins or yearly appraisals) and set-up different triggers for activity creation (a fixed or relative date). 

See more on the Managing performance activities page.


You can establish different participant relationships within a performance activity. When creating a performance activity the person the activity is about is considered the 'subject'. There will then likely be other users on the site who are also participants and they will have different relationships to the subject, such as manager, peer, mentor or appraiser (among others). You can also set up an external participant relationship if you would like someone who does not have access to your site to participate in a performance activity, an example of this might be getting customers to participate in a 360 review. 


Once you have created performance activities and the subject and participant instances have been created you can start to access Participation reporting about progress in these instances. You will also be able to access Question response reporting once participants start to submit responses to your performance activities. 


If you were using an older version of Totara then you can access Legacy performance activities if required. It is highly recommended that where possible you use the new and improved performance activities instead. 

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The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to Running successful check-ins in Totara. Here you can learn more on how to set up and use performance activities for check-ins, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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