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Questions created within a quiz are stored within a question bank, allowing course managers and trainers to reuse questions within other quizzes.

Questions are organised into categories within the question bank. A category can exist at four different levels or contexts within the site, including:

  • Quiz
  • Course
  • Course category, and
  • System level

Questions can be reused within the specified category.  For example, if a question has been saved in the system level category, it can be reused in quizzes across in the site. If a question has been saved in the course level category, it can only be used in other quizzes in that course.

Question banks can be created or edited via Course administration > Question bank or via Quiz administration > Question bank.

(The video above is taken from the Advanced quiz course in the Totara Academy).


When viewing the questions within a question bank, you can edit questions, move questions between categories, view different categories and add new questions.

Use the Duplicate icon () to replicate a question, then edit or move the new question between categories as required.

Question bank question page

By default, quiz questions are added to the course level category, but can be moved between categories as required.


The Edit categories page lists all accessible categories, displays the number of questions stored within each category, and provides the ability to edit, delete a category or add new categories within any of the four contexts.

The category levels displayed and available to a user will depend on their access rights.  Please see Roles for more information.

Adding a category

When adding a new category, first choose the Parent category.  Placing a category in another category makes it a sub-category of the parent, selecting Top will create the category as a top or parent level category.

Enter a Name for the category, optionally enter a brief description of the new category via the Category info field and choose Add category.

Editing quiz categories

Create new sub-categories to organise quiz questions and to make best use of the Add random question option when adding quiz questions.

By creating multiple sub-categories, questions can be grouped into different subjects, types or levels of difficulty, so quizzes using the random question selection option will include the right mix of questions, every time a learner begins a new attempt.

Add new quiz question

Be default, trainers can only manage quiz questions in the course context. To provide full question bank access to course managers or content creators, administrators can create a system level access right via a custom Role.

  1. Under Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles select the Add a new role button. 
  2. Enter a name for the role (such as Quiz Manager) and select the System context checkbox.
  3. Set the following capabilities to Allow
    • question:add
    • question:editall
    • question:managecategory
    • question:moveall 
    • question:viewall 
    • question:useall
  4. Click the Create this role button.
  5. Under Site administration > Users > Permissions > Assign system roles, assign the new role to the required individual(s). Note that users will still need to have an editing trainer role in the required courses.

Moving a category

Move a sub-category within a context and between contexts using the arrow icons (Move icons within Quiz question banks categories area).  The last category in a context cannot be moved, there must always be at least one category in a context.

Deleting a category

Delete a sub-category within a context using the delete icon ().

The last category within a content cannot be deleted.  When attempting to delete a category containing a question, an on-screen message will provide a prompt to move questions to another category before deletion.

Import and export

Please see Adding questions for more information about importing and exporting quiz questions. 

Totara Academy


The Totara Academy has two courses dedicated to using Quizzes in Totara Learn - Getting Started with Quizzes and Advanced Quiz.

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