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RPL is a method of awarding a course completion to a learner who has completed an equivalent course previously. It's important to be aware this doesn't mean the learner has actually taken the course, or any of the activities within it, and this will be reflected in the Course reports and Course completion report source in Report builder

The learner will have completed the course by RPL, but will not have started the course.

Enabling RPL

RPL can be enabled for courses and course activities.

  1. Go to Site administration > Configure features > Learn settings.
  2. Select Enable RPL for courses to allow courses to be marked as completed by assigning a user a Record of Prior Learning.
  3. Select one or more activities listed under Enable RPL for modules to allow course activities to be marked as completed by assigning a user a Record of Prior Learning.

Awarding RPL

For courses and activities that have completion tracking enabled: 

  1. Select Course administration > Reports > Course completion. This shows activities with completion tracking enabled and course completion.
  2. Select the RPL icon beside the learner and the activity, or the course you want to award RPL for.
  3. Add a comment to appear in the learner's Record of Learning. The comment is for information use only and isn't used to perform any actions on the Record of Learning.

When marking users as complete via RPL, the completion date and time is recorded as soon as it is saved. You are not able to retrospectively specify activity or course completion dates in the past.

If you need to specify historical course completion dates, you can do so by using the course completion upload tool. It's not currently possible to upload completion records for activities. 

Removing RPL

Once it has been added, it is only possible to remove RPL using the course completion editor

Mark course complete via a program or certification

Another option available is marking RPL completions via a program or certification a learner is assigned to. Site Administrators and users with the requisite capabilities can view a learner's required learning to access the program/certification view page, here the option to Mark complete will be available. Using this method to mark completion is done regardless of any course/activity completion criteria defined within the course.

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