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A Staff Manager is a role that allows those assigned it the ability to access the learning records of staff as well access and approval for staff performance management, learning plans, and seminar attendance. The Staff Manager will be able to:

  • View My Team: Records of staff
  • View and approve performance management: Approve and view Appraisals, 360 Feedback, learning plan, and face-to-face course requests
  • Manage goals: Manage team members company and personal goals
  • Mark program progress: Mark staff as complete for programs
  • Seminar approval: Approve seminar attendance requests

Assigning a manager to a user

If you wish to assign a manager to a user this should be done via their job assignment. By associating a manager with a user's job assignment, you are assigning them staff manager rights at the user/that user's context. You can see more about how to do this on the Managing job assignments help page. 

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