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Multiple languages can be used on your Totara site, which is helpful if you have users with different native languages all using the same site. You can find guidance on enabling different site languages in this help documentation, this will enable the languages on your site and display site-level content (such as field names, settings etc.) in the set languages. You can also use multi-language settings within certain activities and resources to ensure that the content you create is also translated. This page will look at the different areas in which you can use multi-language settings to get the most out of multiple languages on your site. 

Enabling multi-language content filter

You can add multi-language tags to content when entering it in a text editor, which is presented during the creation of many activity and resource types across your Totara site. Before you can use these tags successfully though, you will need to enable the Multi-Language Content filter setting. This will enable any tags you used to be picked up by the system and for the most appropriate language (based on user preferences) to be presented to the user. 

A Site Administrator might also need to check that the Multilang upgrade is installed in the Admin tools section. 

Some areas that support the multi-language content filter are:

Potential conflicts

There can occasionally be conflicts when using multi-language tags alongside other content tags, such as for the Select missing words quiz question type

Developer guides

If you are a developer then there are some ways you can include multi language tags in your coding. The guide for internationalisation is particularly useful, but you might also be interested in the guide to enabling the multi-language extension for the Weka editor

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