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Whether you are creating courses for your learners, adding evidence to your evidence bank, or even adding a picture to your user profile, you will need to upload a file. One way to do this is using the file picker to upload a file from your computer. Alternatively, you can allow users to upload and select files via repositories, including:

Site Administrators are able to manage the file types available on your site, adding, deleting or editing the different types. Adding file types to your site means they will be correctly recognised, opening in the correct program when downloaded, and can be easily identified by your users. Additionally, Site Administrators can set the different licence types available when uploading files. For example, you may want to limit the available licences to 'all rights reserved' and 'public domain'.

Users can also upload and manage their own private files, which can then be used elsewhere on the site using the Private files repository. In Totara Learn Course Creators and Editing Trainers can also add files directly to their courses, such as policy documents, worksheets, infographics and more.

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