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There are two roles within Totara Engage workspaces. Typically (but not always) there will be a Workspace Owner, and there will be any number of members participating in the workspace.

Workspace Owner

Each workspace should have a single Workspace Owner. While a workspace doesn't technically require a Workspace Owner, a Workspace Owner is able to administer the workspace in a number of ways.

The Workspace Owner is able to:

  • Edit the workspace
  • Remove content from the library
  • Moderate discussions
  • Add and remove workspace members
  • Approve or reject requests to join for private workspaces
  • Transfer ownership of the workspace to another user

Workspace members

Members can join public workspaces of their own accord or be added by the Workspace Owner, while to join private workspaces they need to be added or have their request to join approved by the Workspace Owner.

As a workspace member you can view the workspace's Library and participate in discussions. When joining a workspace as a member, the member will automatically be assigned the role of Learner.

Workspace capabilities

The actions related to various workspace functions are all associated with capabilities, meaning you can give these capabilities to different user roles to let them complete certain tasks in workspaces.

For example, you could give all Authenticated Users or Learners the Add member to workspace (container/workspace:addmember) capability, which would allow users other than the Workspace Owner to add new members.

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