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User software and hardware specifications

The Totara Learn and e-learning content will work various hardware platforms, but the following is an example of a minimum specification that would be expected to deliver a rich, interactive user experience.

  • Client-side JavaScript enabled.
  • It is strongly recommended to use the latest version of Flash player. 
  • Recommended minimum browser:
    • Latest Google Chrome.
    • Latest Firefox.
    • Safari 10.
    • Internet Explorer 11.
    • Recent Microsoft Edge.

As e-learning is usually delivered online we would recommend the following bandwidths for internet access: 

  • Minimum bandwidth: 256 kbps. 
  • If using video: 512 kbps.

Server hardware

The following hardware specification illustrates an example of a system hosting a site with approximately 10,000 users (approx. 500 concurrent).

  • Platform: Dell PowerEdge 2950.
  • Processor: 2x Quad Core Xeon E5420 @ 2.5GHz.
  • Memory: 4GB.
  • Storage: 4x 146GB 10,000RPM hard disks.
  • Dell PERC 6 RAID controller.
  • 160MB disk space required for core Totara Learn files.
  • 1-5GB or greater disk space required for additional teaching and course materials.
  • Connectivity: 100MBit Full-Duplex Dedicated Switch Port Connection.

Specific hardware requirements for your project will depend on the volume of anticipated concurrent users and other factors. If you require more information please speak to your Partner, of if you have an account speak with our Helpdesk to determine your exact requirements.

  • If your database is Postgres you must set standard_conforming_strings to "off" and escape_string_warning to "off" in your postgresql.conf file.
  • If your database is MySQL or MariaDB, your database must use Barracuda file format.

  • If your database is MSSQL, your database user must have the permissions: ALTER SETTINGS(SERVER).

It is recommended that Totara Learn sites are installed via SSL.

Server software


A Linux based system is recommended for high performance, e.g. CentOS, Redhat, Ubuntu Server Edition.
Totara Learn can also be installed on Windows (Windows 2003 minimum recommended).

Web server

Apache 2.x.x or IIS (Apache recommended).


Minimum PHP version 5.6.5 up to latest 7.3.

Required modules: iconv, mbstring, curl, ctype, zip, simplexml, spl, pcre, dom, xml, json, gd, intl, zlib, hash, xmlreader.

Recommended modules: openssl, tokenizer, xmlrpc, soap, opcache.


Postgres 9.2 or greater.

Mysql 5.7 or greater (requires barracuda - see more information on converting in the Technical documentation).

MariaDB 10.2 or greater (require barracuda - see more information on converting in the Technical documentation).

MSSQL 2014 or greater.

Server PHP configuration

There are some PHP configuration variables that may need to be customised, depending on your needs. The variables that are commonly changed are detailed below.

  • memory_limit: This will need to be increased for restoring large course backups or unzipping large files within Totara Learn.
  • upload_max_filesize: This setting in conjuction with post_max_size will determine how high you can set the max upload size within Totara Learn.
  • max_input_vars: This setting will need to be increased to a minimum of 2000 if you would like to customise any of the Totara Learn language packs.
  • upload_tmp_dir: Some customers may wish to enable this setting and specifically set a directory where files are temporarily stored during the upload process. 

You will also be required to have the Intl PHP extension. 

Note the web server user must have permissions to write files in this directory, or all file uploads will fail.

MSQL settings

  • Case sensitive collation: It is recommended you use a case sensitive collations such as Latin1_General_CS_AS.
  • Enable ANSI NULLS: To ensure null values are treated correctly you should ensure that ANSI_NULL is on. 
  • Enable Quoted Identifiers: It is recommended that quoted identifiers (also known as delimited identifies) are turned on.
  • Enabled Read Committed transaction: It is advised you set this to READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT to protect your transactions. 


Totara Learning is committed to developing products that meet web accessible guidelines and reporting this compliance openly. We continuously evaluate our product against guidelines and make necessary improvements during the development and design process. 

This allows our users to provide an inclusive platform for learning when they are delivering development opportunities to people who have a need for assistive technologies or sites designed with accessibility in mind.

Please see our Accessibility policy for more information, or you can look at our VPAT compliance for Totara Learn version 10

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