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Version 10 of Totara Learn (formerly Totara LMS) introduces new features and bug fixes that improve upon previous versions. To see what is new please look at the list below or use the menu on the right-hand side. 

For all users

360 Feedback

The 360 Feedback tool now allows self-evaluation, allowing users to evaluate themselves in a truly 360 approach. 


Self completion: Modules

You can mark completion from within a module itself, which is particularly useful if a course is set up with the single activity format (with the exception of Quiz and Lesson Activities).


Current Learning Block handling of single course programs/certifications

The way the Current Learning block handles programs or certifications with only one course has been improved. So, if a program or certification contains only a single course then the following will take place. The first time a user enrolled in that program/certification clicks the link for it in the Current Learning block it will take them to the relevant program/certification. There they will be able to click the course and enrol. After this, the next time they click the link for the program/certification in the Current Learning block (once they have enrolled in the course) it will take them directly to the course. 


Proficiency achieved field

There is a new Date proficiency achieved column on the Competency status report. Additionally, when setting the competency status in a user's Learning Plan, you can set a Proficiency achieved date.


Personas no longer work for badges backpacks

When you go into Backpack settings to connect to an external service, rather than seeing the Sign in with your email persona button users will now see an empty Email field where they type their email address and then click the Connect to backpack button.


Multi Select custom fields 

Multiple values can now be used for adding data to Multi-Select custom fields when used with HR Import. The values need to be separated by a comma (,). Where the value contains a comma, use single quotes (') around the value.


Placeholders for Appraisal messages

Appraisal messages can now use placeholders that will be replaced with the relevant information immediately prior to sending the message.

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Featured Link block

This is a customisable block that provides an easy way to navigate to both internal Totara pages and external sites. The main design feature is the use of customisable, image-based tiles. Featured Links blocks can be added to Totara Dashboards to provide a graphical interface to a Totara site, within courses, and on profile pages.


Forum: Discussion locking

It is possible to lock a discussion after a certain period of inactivity. This can be configured in the settings when creating or editing the forum, although it is disabled by default (no locking will occur). Once a discussion is locked then only users with the right capabilities (such as Editing Trainers) can unlock the discussion by replying to the forum. Any users without the right permissions will simply be unable to reply to any posts in the locked forum after the set period of inactivity. 


Forum: Pinned posts

It is now possible to pin a post to the top of a forum (if you have editing rights in the course).


Messages bar

There is a new set of icons at the top of the screen, alongside the user's name, that allows quick access to notifications and messages.


Tag collections

Tag collections are sets of tags for different areas of Totara. For example, a collection of standard tags can be used to tag courses, but user interests and blog post tags are kept in a separate collection. When a user clicks on a tag, the tag page displays only items with that tag in the same collection.


Site administration

Changes to configurations recommendations

Any install of the latest version of Totara Learn (v10) will now need to have the Intl PHP extension as this is now required (previously it was only recommended). Additionally, having MySQL configured with mysql_large_prefix is now recommended.


Theme changes

There is a new responsive theme that will work with bootstrap 3 called Basis. This also means that the old themes, Standard Totara responsive, Custom Totara responsive, bootstrap base, and Kiwifruit responsive themes have been removed from Totara Learn v10+. Additional information is available in the Totara Learn developer documentation.


New site badge criteria

It is now possible to issues badges from the site level for Program completion and/or audience membership.


Browse list of users

The Browse list of users page is now an embedded report, meaning there is improved searching and filtering, along with the ability to customise the columns and export all the information. 


Job assignment HR import source

Job assignments must now be imported via a new job assignment element and cannot be imported as part of the user element anymore. This will allow deletion with the option of the source containing all records or otherwise a deleted field being used, which is similar to the other importable elements. When you have several elements enabled, e.g. user, position, and job assignment, the other elements could be processed in any order, but job assignments will be processed last. This allows creating the user in the user element, and then assigning them jobs in the same run of HR import.


Managing reports

There are now two separate pages for Manager user reports and Manage embedded reports within Totara Learn. These pages themselves are embedded reports, meaning that you can search, filter, customise and export them. 


Job assignment report source

This is a new report source for Job assignments that means whereas the user report lists one row per user (no matter how many job assignments they have) if a user has three jobs you will be able to see them on separate rows within the Job assignment report. If user does not have any job assignment then they are not listed in the report at all. 


Course completion editor and checker

The course completion editor allows you to review and edit a learners course completion, you can also use the completion checker to display a summary of any problems that have been detected.


Self-registration with approval

The authentication plugin Self-registration with approval allows users to register themselves, but it also requires a Site administrator or another user with the auth/approved:approve capability to approve the registration request before the user is added to the site. 


Added partial sync capability for Organisations and Positions to HR Import

It is now possible to import a position or organisation file that doesn't contain all records. This is controlled by the Source contains all records setting on the settings page for the element. If Source contains all records is set to No for Organisations or Positions then the deleted column is required in the source. For new installs the default for this setting is No.


Audiences, courses, and programs

An improvement to make learning available immediately to new users once they've self-registered. With this change, audience membership as well as audience-based enrolled learning (i.e. course enrolment and certification/program assignment) will occur before new users first log into the platform.

For existing users, audience membership and enrolment will occur when the relevant cron runs.

Recycle bin

The recycle bin is a new feature, that is enabled by default. It means that if a user deletes a course or an activity then a backup is taken and made available via the Recycle bin. The recycle bin keeps backups of deleted items for a configurable period of time, during which the user can at any time restore the deleted item from the recycle bin. This is essentially restoring the backup take when the course/activity was deleted.


User Tours

You can now set up user tours within Totara for any page or course. You can create information bubbles that will appear near targeted areas to give instructions or information.


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