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The language editing interface enables you to easily change any word or phrase used on the site. For example, you may want to change the word “Course” to “Area.”

Note: in language editing you can check for untranslated words in specific areas of the system.

To change a word or phrase:

  1. Select on 'Language' and click 'Language editing' on the Site Administration block
  2. Click the 'Edit words or phrases' option
  3. Select the file to edit from the dropdown menu
  4. Change the word or phrase
  5. Save your changes, edited files may either be saved in the parent language folder or, preferably, in the local language folder, parentlanguage_local
  6. Click 'Save changes', the changed phrase will be highlighted in a different colour.

Note: The local language folder will be created automatically if it doesn't yet exist.

If you wish to make further changes later, be sure to check that files of edited strings will again be saved to the folderparentlanguage_local, switching folders if necessary.



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