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Totara Program Management allows you to create learning paths for learners where you can define dependencies and control the order and flow of the competencies and courses your learners complete.

A program includes completion dates and time limits for your learners to complete each stage of the program. There is also the ability to set up customised messages and reminders that are sent to learners and managers as part of the program.

Program management allows you to enrol learners based on their organisation, position, management hierarchy or cohort and set different completion criteria for each group if required. Learners can also be enrolled individually.

Program Management also handles the requirement for courses to reoccur on a set cycle, such as yearly. This is great for handling compliance training that staff may be required to complete every year.

Assigning users to a program NEVER automatically enrols them in all courses. This is because programs can have complicated courseset logic where the learner does not have access to the courses in later coursesets until earlier coursesets have been completed.

Instead access to courses is controlled by the enrol_totara_program enrolment plugin. When a learner first goes to their program/certification and attempts to launch a course, this checks whether the learner is assigned to the program and whether the course is in a courseset they actually have access to, and THEN enrols them on the course. They should see a notification on first access to the course, something like "You have been enrolled on this course via Program xyz".


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