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Please see Totara 14 help for the latest version.

Your profile contains information that is personal to you and your Totara system account. You can access your profile by clicking on your name when it appears as a link.


Your profile provides a summary of your personal information.

You can access your record of learning and learning plans from your profile page.

  • Click Change password to change your Totara password.

  • Click Messages to open your Totara messages


Totara allows you to message other users logged into Totara, the message tab displays the message settings. To view/send a message click 'Messages' on the profile tab.

Message Settings

The settings available for changing are add people to your Contacts list by using the Search tab and change the Message Settings.

To add a contact to your Contact list:

  1. Select your name link to bring up your profile.

  2. Select 'Profile', 'Messages'.

  3. Select 'Search'.

  4. Type the name of the person in Search for a person box.

  5. Select 'Search' button.

  6. Select Add contact icon (person).

To change message Settings:

  1. Select your name link to bring up your profile.

  2. Select 'Profile', 'Messages'.

  3. Select 'Settings'.

  4. Select the preferred options - these include options on:

    1. When the message will popup.

    2. Who to block from sending.

    3. What sort of format for messages for displaying and editing messages.

    4. How to deliver messages when offline.

Edit Profile

Edit profile allows you to edit certain fields in your profile. Click 'Show Advanced' to see all the available fields.

You are able to add a description about yourself and a profile picture here.

Forum Posts

Forum posts list all of the posts that you have made to forums in all of the courses you are enrolled in.

There is a link to the forums discussion so you can see details of the message and the discussion that took place around your posting.


The blog tab allows you to view and manage any blogs you have created. Options include:

  1. Add a new entry to your blog.

  2. View my entries, show all your blog posts ordered by data.

  3. Blog preferences - change the number of blog posts visible.

  4. View course entries - shows blog posting made for the current course.

  5. View site entries for the entire site.

Activity Reports

Activity reports has two available reports:

Grades: Displays all the graded activities for your course(s) in a table with the grade and any feedback provided.

Course Completion: Displays courses you are currently enrolled in and courses you have completed in Totara.


The positions tab displays your position details including the position, organisation and manager you have been assigned in Totara.





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