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As a manager you can view information related to your staff in the ‘My Team’ area.

You are able to view staff:

  • User profiles
  • Bookings
  • Learning plans, and approve staff learning plans
  • Records

My dashboard screenshot

You can access your manager dashboard by clicking ‘My Team’ on the Totara menu.

‘My Team’ dashboard displays dashlets. There are four different dashlets available on the my team dashboard:

  • Quick links gives you quick link to Totara home, reports and courses
  • Totara Alerts provides a list of all system alerts related to your team, e.g. A Smith updated competencies in his learning plan
  • Totara Tasks provides a list of system tasks that require your action, e.g. New plan approval request from A Smith
  • Statistics provides statistics and information on what your team having been doing in Totara

Customising your Dashboard

Click 'Turn editing on' to customise your dashboard.

  • Click ‘Add to column...’ at the bottom of each column to add a dashlet
  • Use the arrow buttons to change the order of the dashlets
  • Click ‘Hide’ to hide a dashlet
  • Click ‘Delete’ to remove a dashlet

My Team Members

‘Team Members’ provides you with a list of all staff assigned to you and a link to their learning, profile, bookings and records.

Under each name there is a link to the:

  • Plan opens the user’s learning plans
  • Profile open the user’s profile
  • Bookings displays a list of the user’s face-to-face bookings, both past and present
  • Records displays the user’s learning records, including courses, competencies and objectives, where applicable

My Team Members Profile

Click ‘Profile’ to view the persons profile.

There are some fields that you are able to update as a manager. To update a user’s profile click ‘Edit Profile’.

Fields marked with a * are mandatory.

My Team Records

'Records’ displays the record of learning for each staff member including; all the courses, competencies and objectives that have been completed or included in a learning plan and the status of each.

Each record type is displayed on its own tab.

Use the ‘Search by’ options to search the user’s records.

The left hand menu gives you a quick link to the users active learning plans and each record type.

Click ‘All team members’ to return to the team members list.

My Team Face-to-face Bookings

Click ‘Bookings’ to view the users past and future face-to-face bookings.

You are able to see all details related to the course.

Bookings defaults to ‘Future Bookings’, click ‘Past Bookings’ to see a list of face-to-face course the users has attended.

Approving face to face session bookings

When a face to face session requires manager approval you need to approve the booking before your staff can attend the face to face session.

You will receive an email notification containing the relevant details and a link to a page in Totara which allows you to approve or deny the request. The page also allows you to approve or deny any other requests (submitted by your direct reports) for that particular face-to-face activity. Only requests that you have not responded to appear in the list.

The approval page for your team for a particular session can also be accessed by clicking the 'Attendees' link when you view all sessions for a Face-to-face activity.

When a learner books on a face-to-face session that requires approval a new task appears in 'Tasks' on your dashboard. If a notification has been set up, your site administrator may also allow this to go to your email. This depends on how your organisation wishes local processes to occur.




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