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Totara roles imageThere are six in built user roles; these roles can be customised by a site administrator to suit your requirements and new roles can be created. Roles can be assigned at a system wide level or at specific course level. Totara roles are categorised as follows:

  • Administrator: has the highest level of user access. They are able to customise and configure all Totara functions.
  • Course creator: has the ability to create, edit and delete course pages and course programs.
  • Editing Trainer: is able to edit course pages already set up.
  • Trainer: is able to see participant grades and information on a course, but is not able to edit the course content.
  • Manager: is able to see information relating to staff that report to them.
  • Learner: is a user acquiring knowledge, comprehension or mastery through learning.
  • Authenticated User: all logged in users are consider authenticated users.

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