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Version 11 of Totara Learn introduces new features and bug fixes that improve upon previous versions. To see what is new please look at the list below or use the menu on the right-hand side. 

Totara registration

There is now a site registration page under Site Administration > Totara Registration. Users with the site:config capability will be redirected to the page after upgrade until registration has been completed.

Please ensure you have the registration code available for each site before you upgrade. Partners can obtain the registration code for their customers' sites via the Subscription Portal. Direct subscribers will receive their registration code direct from Totara Learning. Other users should contact their Partner organisation in order to obtain a registration code. 


User data privacy and protection

We have introduced a range of features to help support you in complying with the EU law for data protection known as GDPR. This law is enforced as of the 25 May 2018 and affects all EU citizens, including those working or living outside of the EU. So regardless of whether your organisation is based in Europe or not, if you hold any personal data about an EU citizen that is both about that individual ('concerning them') and is of a personal nature (defined as information that is 'relating to an identified or identifiable natural person') then you will need to ensure that data can be exported or removed as requested. 


For all users

Persistent login

Enabling the persistent login features means that users can remain logged into Totara, regardless of the time-out settings. They will need to tick the Remember me box when logging in, which replaces the previous Remember login box. 


Featured link block updates

There are some new updates in the Featured link block. Firstly, it is now possible to decide whether a tile background image is set to fill or fit the tile. There are also two new title types; programs and certifications. You can also now decide on the tile shape (square, portrait, landscape, or full width).


Conditional access

There are several new conditional access plugins that you can enable to restrict access to content on your courses. These include access based on audience membership, organisation, position, or language.


Appraisal notification activation

It is now possible to schedule appraisal notifications to be sent almost immediately, on the next cron run. This can be done by setting a notification to send 0 days after an event. 


Send scheduled reports to yourself

It is now possible to send a copy of a scheduled report to yourself (if this option is allowed by the site administrator).


Seminar clash warnings

When you add a date to a wait-listed seminar event, if there is a scheduling conflict (one or more learner is already booked onto another seminar event on that date) then an error message will appear. It will allow you to either exclude those with a conflict in order to proceed, or change the dates. 


Program and certification tags

It is now possible to add tags to any programs or certifications.


Filter users by unconfirmed

You can now filter any user report (including the Browse list of users report) by the new unconfirmed status. This new status shows users who have self registered but have not yet been confirmed in Totara Learn.


Record of Learning: Program report issue fixed

The Time assigned column was previously displaying the data for time started, this has now been rectified by: 

  • Renaming the previous Time assigned column as Time started, to be consistent with what it displays.
  • Adding a new column for Time assigned to the report source that displays the correct data.
  • Switching the default column for the embedded report to the new Time assigned column.

This means any new sites will create the embedded report with the new column, but any existing sites that want to display Time assigned instead of Time started will have to go to Site administration > Reports > Report builder > Manage embedded report and restore default settings for the Record of Learning: Programs embedded report, or manually edit the columns for the report.


For site administrators

New site policies

It is now possible to have multiple site policies, including various translations, within your site. These site policies can be set up to require users to consent to them.


Admin configuration: Scheduled report recipients

There is a new administration setting to decide which Scheduled report recipients sources to allow.


Global report schedule minimum

It is now possible to set the minimum schedule limit for reports in your Totara Learn site. This is useful to prevent reports being run too frequently on larger sites and thus causing slowness for your system.


New scheduled report capability

There is a new capability that allows a user to create scheduled reports. If a user does not have this capability, they will not see the Scheduled Reports section of the Reports page. This capability is separate and not related to the manage reports capability which allows users to see, edit or delete all scheduled reports in the system.


Self-registration password expiry

There is a new option to set password expiry as part of the self-registration authentication method. 


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