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The 360° feedback tool allows users to collect an evaluation on their performance, and identify their strengths and weaknesses as a team member, colleague and manager.

Feedback from a range of co-workers helps provide a well-rounded and balanced view of an individual's skills, behaviours and areas requiring further development. Weaknesses can help inform a user's learning and development plan, and strengths can identify opportunities for advancement within the organisation.  

Any number of 360° feedback forms containing different sets of questions can be created and assigned for use by specific groups of users.

360° feedback is designed as a user driven process, with individuals responsible for requesting feedback from representatives from each co-worker group.

Managing 360° feedback

The process for creating and completing 360° feedback forms involves the following stages: 

Create Feedback form → Add questions → Assign users → Activate form→ Users request feedback → Users receive feedback → Users and managers view feedback → Close Feedback form. 

Manage 360 Feedback

Creating 360° Feedback

Administrators, Site Managers and users with the totara/feedback360:managefeedback360 capability can create 360° feedback forms via Site Administration > Appraisals > Manage Feedback > Create Feedback.

Create 360 Feedback

General Settings

The General tab contains overall settings for the 360° feedback form.

NameThe title of the 360° feedback form.  This will display as an identifier for the feedback for all users with access to the form.  Given there could be a number of Draft, Active and Closed 360° feedback forms within a Totara Learn site, it is recommended you enter a unique name for each form, so they may be easily identified by users and within reports.-

An optional area for you to describe the feedback form and the process or any additional information helpful for assigned users.   This might include text, links to other areas or webpages or media.

Anonymous feedback

If checked, Feedback responses using this form will be anonymous.  To ensure anonymity, once an anonymous feedback request has been created, the list of respondents cannot be edited.

Self evaluation

Choose whether you wish assigned users to complete a 360° feedback form evaluating their own performance, strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Optional: Assigned users may choose whether to provide a response
  • Required: Assigned user must provide a response to complete the Feedback process
  • Not allowed: Assigned users are not provided the option to provide a self evaluation


The Content tab is where information or static content (Non-question elements) and various Question types can be added to the 360° feedback form.  All questions may be set as optional or mandatory for response.

The following Question types are available:

Question typeDescription
Date pickerRespondents will be asked to enter a date.  You can specify the year ranges available and whether a time should also be provided.
File uploadRespondents will be asked to upload a file attachment.  You can specify the maximum number of files allowed although not the file type/format.
Long textRespondents will be presented a text box to provide a text or media based response.
Multiple choice (one answer)Respondents are required to select a single response from a radio button or menu of choices display.  
Multiple choice (several answers)Respondents may select one or many responses from a checkbox or multi-select menu display.  
Rating (custom scale)Respondents are asked to select a text based rating based on a defined scale and associated score, from a radio button or menu of choices display. 
Rating (numeric scale)

Respondents are asked to select or enter a numeric rating based on a defined scale from a slider or text input display. 

Short textRespondents will be presented a single line text box to provide a limited text based response.

For multiple choice and rating questions, the Available choices you provide may be saved as a reusable set of options within a 360° feedback form.

Saving available choices within 360 Feedback

The following Non-question element types are available:

Non-question element typeDescription
Fixed imageAn image file and optional description may be added to the 360° feedback form in order to add relevant pictures and/or diagrams. 
Fixed textText, links and media may be added to the feedback form to provide respondents with relevant information or instruction.
User profile information

Selected information (e.g name, positions etc) regarding the feedback requester will be automatically added to the feedback form and displayed to all respondents.

Content Options

Content items are displayed within a 360° feedback form in the order displayed.  Items may be rearranged as required using the drag and drop icon (). 

To change or update a content item within a draft form, select the Settings () icon against the corresponding question or non-question element. 

To duplicate a question or non-question element, select the Copy icon ( ) against the corresponding content item. 

To permanently remove a content item from a Feedback form, select the Delete icon () against the corresponding content. 


The Assignments tab allows 360° feedback editors to assign users access to the form. User groups that may be added include audiences, organisation, and/or positions.

After adding Assigned groups, all current members of this group will be listed under the Assigned users area.

Assigning users to 360 Feedback

Users will not be automatically assigned an activated 360° feedback form, even if they meet the group requirements - such as audience membership or position.

Likewise, users will not be automatically removed or unassigned from an activated Feedback form if they no longer meet the group requirements.

If a change to the feedback form or assigned users is required, use the Close option to end the feedback. The feedback may cloned using the Copy option, updated and activated for assigned users.

Preview 360° feedback

Click the Preview button to review a feedback form in a new window. Responses entered during preview will not be saved.

Previewing 360 Feedback

Activating 360° feedback

In order for a 360° feedback form to be available to Assigned groups it must be activated. When a 360° feedback form is activated, the content and assigned users list will be locked and no further changes can be made to the form.

To activate a 360° feedback, click on the Activate link on the Manage feedback page or click Activate now when you are editing the feedback form.

Activating the feedback will begin with a validation process. The system will check to make sure that:

  • At least one group of users have been assigned the 360° feedback form
  • At least one user belongs within the assigned group(s)
  • The form contains at least one question

If any issues are encountered, an on screen message outlining any problems will be displayed.  All issues must resolved before a 360° feedback form may be activated. If no errors are found, click the Continue button to activate the feedback.

The feedback Status will now change from Draft to Active.

Requesting 360° feedback

Users to may invite any number of individuals to provide feedback for them using their assigned 360° feedback forms. Users may also send feedback request reminders, view individual responses or cancel all feedback requests.

Feedback can be requested from system users using the search or browse tool provided, or from external users via their email address. Managers may also request feedback on behalf of any of their team members.

Feedback about you

To request feedback from one of your co-workers or colleagues within the system:

  1. Click the Request feedback button.
  2. Click the Add user(s) button.
  3. A dialog box will appear that allows you to Browse or Search through all users within your Totara Learn site. To select a user, click on their name. Repeat as required. All selected users will appear on the right side of the dialog box.

    To remove a user, hover over their name in the right hand side of the dialog box and select the Delete icon that appears.

  4. When all required users have been selected, click the Save button or choose Cancel to exit.
  5. Optionally enter a Due Date for responses by selecting the Enable checkbox option, and selecting or entering a day, month and year.
  6. Click the Request button.

To request feedback from one of your co-workers or colleagues external to the system:

  1. Click the Request feedback button.
  2. Enter in the email address of each user in the Add external feedback request(s) box. Provide one email per line.
  3. Optionally enter a Due Date for responses by selecting the Enable checkbox option, and selecting or entering a day, month, and year.
  4. Click the Request button.

Request feedback area

You can add or remove individual feedback requests by clicking on the Edit icon against the corresponding 360° feedback form. Remove users by clicking the Delete icon next to their name, request feedback from additional users using the Add options or change the Due Date. Click Update to save any changes. 

Feedback reminders

The Remind icon () allows you to send out reminder messages to the users you have requested feedback from that have not yet responded. A list of the users who will receive this message is displayed. Click the Continue button to send the reminder. 360° feedback reminders will appear on the user's Dashboard and will be sent to their nominated email address.

Cancelling feedback requests

If you wish to cancel all feedback requests for users who have not yet responded, click the Stop icon ().  Users will receive a cancellation notification on their Dashboard and via email.  Any completed feedback responses will still be available to view.

Viewing 360° feedback responses

Team member/Learner view

Users can access their 360° feedback forms, all feedback responses (Feedback about you) and any required feedback requests (Give feedback about your colleagues) via Performance > 360° feedback. 

Team member and learner view of 360 Feedback

In the Feedback about you section, the number of responses received versus requests sent (x out of y) will be displayed. 

360 Feedback about you

Click on the linked Name of the feedback form to view responses.

The name or email address of the user who responded, the date they completed the feedback form and a link to their response is displayed. If you have not yet reviewed a response it will be labelled as New.  Click the View response link to view a user's response to your feedback request.

Viewing 360 Feedback responses

Manager view

Managers can view their team member's 360° feedback via their Team area and selecting the 360° feedback link against the corresponding team member.

Manager view of 360 Feedback

All feedback received by an individual team member will be shown under Feedback about <User full name> and all feedback responses provided by that team member will be shown under View <User full name's> responses.

Viewing a user's 360 Feedback

Completing a 360° feedback

When an individual sends you a feedback request, you will receive a notification within your Tasks block within your Dashboard as well as an email.

360 Feedback Task item

You can view all feedback requests within Performance > 360° feedback > Give feedback about your colleagues.  Use the Respond now button to begin your feedback response.

Give 360 feedback about your colleague
An onscreen notification will advise you whether the Feedback you are providing will be named or anonymous.  You can save your response form without submitting it by selecting the Save progress button.  You can resume your feedback response at any time before the Due date

360 Feedback save progress

Once you have completed and submitted a feedback response, you can review your answers under 360° feedback > Give feedback about your colleagues > View your response.

Self evaluation

Where a 360° feedback form has optional self evaluation, you must first 'opt in' to providing a response by selecting the Self evaluation check box under Request feedback.  To provide a response select the Evaluate yourself button under Feedback about you.

You can 'opt out' of self evaluation at any time before the specified Due date.

360 Feedback Self evaluation

Where a 360° feedback form has required self evaluation, you must submit a completed 360° feedback form before the specified Due date via the Evaluate yourself button. 

Your self evaluation response will not be anonymous to yourself or your manager, even if the 360° feedback form has been set to record anonymous responses.

Example 360 Feedback self evaluation form

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