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The Activity results block shows a range of grades for a particular activity. An example of how this could be used is showing the top five grade results to incentivise others to best them, essentially creating a leader board. This can be done using the learners full name or displaying results anonymously. 

It is possible for a Site Administrator to set the defaults and lock certain fields for the Activity Results block. To do this you will need to go to Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks from the Site administration menu and then click Settings alongside the Activity Results block.

If a field is locked then the value cannot be changed. New blocks will be locked to the default, however it is important to note, the lock does not change existing Activity Results blocks. Any existing blocks will have the settings locked to whatever value they have at the moment the lock is enabled. When locked, existing blocks can't change their value, even if they wish to change to the default value. Therefore, caution is advised if you are trying to enforce settings such as the privacy field or want to prevent low or high results from being shown.

Configuring Activity results block

In addition to the standard or Common block settings, there are a number of configurable options specific to the Activity results block.




Which activity should this block display results from?

Chose from all the activities on your course that are eligible for a grade, including assignments, quizzes, lessons, and forums. 

How many of the highest grades should be shown?Type the number of top results you wish to display. If you do not wish to show highest results then enter 0
How many of the lowest grades should be shown?Type the number of bottom results you wish to display. If you do not wish to show lowest results then enter 0
Show groups instead of students?Rather than showing grades for individual learners, you can show grades for groups (if this mode is supported within the activity). 
Privacy of resultsChose whether to display learners' full names, ID numbers, or to display grades anonymously. -
Display grades asDecide on the way grades should be presented, as a percentage, fraction, or absolute number.-
Decimal places to displayThe number of decimal places to display for grades.-
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