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The choice module is like a single question poll. It allows Trainers to see an overview of the choices made by Learners and they can decide whether to allow Learners to also see a graph of results. 

Choice activity displayed to Learner vertically.Choice activity displayed to Learner horizontally.

Choices can be displayed either vertically or horizontally, see Choice settings for more information.

(The video above is taken from the Feedback and choice activities course in the Totara Academy).

Adding a choice activity

To add a new choice activity follow these steps:

  1. On the course page click Turn editing on.
  2. Click Choice from the Add an activity menu.
  3. Customise the available settings as required.
  4. Click Save and display (or Save and return to course).

Edit a choice activity

To edit an existing choice activity follow these steps:

  1. Click Turn editing on.
  2. Click Edit next to the choice activity.
  3. Make the required changes to the settings.
  4. Click Save and display (or Save and return to course).

Choice settings 

When creating or editing a choice activity there are a number of 


This will appear on the course page next to the choice icon.

DescriptionA description of the Choice activity; this might include what learners have to do. -
Display description on course pageUse the text editor to add a description and select whether to display the description on the course page.-
Display modeChoose whether the responses are displayed horizontally or vertically.A small number of responses looks better displayed horizontally and a large number of responses and/or long responses look better displayed vertically.
Allow choice to be updated

If you want to allow trainees to change their minds after they’ve answered, set this to Yes. Otherwise, trainees will be able to answer the question only once.Options

Allow more than one choice to be selected

If this is set to Yes then users may select more than one choice. The check boxes display differently according to whether this is set to Yes or No.

Limit the number of responses allowedThis option allows you to limit the number of participants that can select each particular option. Each option can set a limit if limits have been enabled. When the limit is met no other users can select that option. A limit of zero (0) means the choice cannot be selected. If there are no limits then any number of participants can choose any options.-
Allow responses fromSet the date and time from which the choice activity will be available,-
Allow responses untilSet the date and time until which the choice activity will be open for responses. -
Show previewAllow learners to preview the available options before the choice is opened for submission.-
Publish results

You have four options for revealing the results of the choice to trainees:

  • Do not publish results to learners
  • Show results to learners immediately after they answer
  • Show results to learners only after the choice is closed (if you’ve set a closing time above)
  • Always show results to learners
Privacy of resultsDepending upon your Publish results setting, you can choose whether to display trainees names with their response in the results.-
Show column for unansweredThis option determines whether trainees will see the number of people who haven’t answered the question when they see the choice results.-
Include responses from inactive/suspended users

This option determines if responses made by users that have been suspended or unerolled are shown.

Common module settingsSee Common Module Settings to learn more.-
Restrict accessSee Restrict Access to learn more.-
Activity completion

See Activity Completion to learn more.

TagsSee Tags to learn more.-

Choice results

After learners have answered the choice, you can see their responses via the View xx responses link at the top right of the choice page.

Accessing choice results via the link in the top right.

Unlike the Learner's view of the results, irrespective of whether results are published anonymously, Trainers and Site Administrators will see a column for each response with the Learner's name.

By selecting a user you can then use the With selected dropdown menu to delete the choice or change it to another of the choice option. Additionally you can download the results in ODS, Excel, or text format. 

Trainer display of results.

If you have chosen to display results to Learners (see Settings for more information) then they will display as a graph. In the example below results are displayed anonymously. 

Learner display of results.

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