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Once a Seminar Activity has been populated with one or more Event, the View all events page will act as a Dashboard for all associated Events.  Both Upcoming events and Previous events will be shown with a range of actions available under the Options column.  If the Events or Sessions within the Seminar Activity are held in different Rooms, a Filter by Room option will be available for refining the Events display.


Edit (): Allows you to change any of the details of the Event and any associated Sessions including Date/Time, Room, Assets, and general settings.

Cancel (): Following confirmation, you can cancel an Event and send out a cancellation message to any booked attendees.  Any Custom fields added to the Event Cancellation form can be populated before the event is cancelled.

Copy event ): Allows you to duplicate the event and make the necessary edits to create a new Event and associated Sessions.

Delete event ): Allow you to entirely remove the Event from the system, removing all sign-ups and associated information.  It is recommended you only use the Delete event option where there are no Attendees booked.

Please see Attendees, Allocate/Reserve spaces for team, Manage reservations, Sign-up and Wait-listing for more information about these Options.

Export attendance

You can Export attendance for all Events within the current Seminar to either Excel or OpenDocument format.  Select your preferred Format from the dropdown menu and select Export to file.  You will be prompted to Open or Save the export file.

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The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using Seminar Management in Totara Learn.  Here you can learn more on how to use seminars, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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