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When you create an appraisal, or edit an existing one, you can use a range of question types. The question types are listed below with descriptions and examples.

Question typeDescriptionExample question
Date pickerAllow users to enter a date and or date/time.

Date picker: When did you complete your induction training?

File uploadThe file upload option allows users to upload files in response to the question. Any type of file may be uploaded. When another user reviews the appraisal, they will have access to download the file assuming that their role has been granted permission to view the response.

File upload: Do you have any other relevant certificates?

Long textAllow the user to enter a large amount of text and format it using the HTML editor. This could also include inserting links and images.

Long text: What would you improve about the onboarding process?

Multiple choice (one answer)Allow the user to choose one option from a list.

Multiple choice (one answer): What is your level of experience with Totara and open-source software?

Multiple choice (several answers)Allow the user to choose multiple options from a list.

Multiple choice (several answers): Which of these tasks are you able to complete independently?

Rating (custom scale)Allow the user to rate an item using a description and associated score. For example, this could be a 1-5 scale rating an employee's level of competence in an area, where 1 is not competent and 5 is very competent.

Rating (custom scale): How much support do you require when starting a new project?

Rating (numeric scale)Allow users to enter a numeric value as their response to the question.

Rating (numeric scale): How would you rate your confident from one to five?

Short textAllow the user to enter a single line of text. This might be used for short or simple answers to the question.

Short text: What is one new skill you would like to learn in the next three months?

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