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Accessing your courses is an important part of using your Totara Learn system which is why there are many ways to do this. 

Course catalogues

The Find learning option in the top menu allows you to browse the course catalogue.  

Find learning in top navigation bar.

There are three types of course catalogue that you can configure under Advanced settings:

  • Grid: Displays all of the courses, programs, and certifications available to you. See the Course catalogue help page for more information.
  • Reoprt: Gives you a dropdown menu when you click Find learning where you can choose to browse a list of courses, programs, or certifications. 
  • Category: Gives you a dropdown menu when you click Find learning where you can choose to browse a list of courses, programs, or certifications by category. 


There are multiple ways to point users to learning from the front page or a dashboard using various blocks (as described below). You can use one or more of these blocks in various places to help highlight learning or allow users to explore for themselves. 


There are a number of different blocks that can be added to a dashboard or front page to help users find their learning these include:

  • Course search block
  • Courses block
  • Course overview block
  • Recent learning block
  • Current learning block
  • Featured links block with course, program, or certification tiles
  • My learning nav block 
  • Upcoming certifications block
  • Courses and categories block (also known as the available courses block)

You can find out more on the blocks help page. 

An example dashboard with all of the find learning related blocks.

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