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Create a company goal

  1. To begin adding new goals to a framework, go to Site administration > Hierarchies > Goals > Manage goals. Then click on the framework name.
  2. Click on the Add new goal button.
  3. The current Goal framework is displayed. Note that a goal cannot be moved from one framework to another.
  4. Select the Parent for this goal. Goals can be assigned to the top level or to any other existing goal within the goal's framework. This allows a hierarchy of goals to be constructed.
  5. For example, if the company’s goal is to open a new branch office in London, the Parent goal may be 'Open a new branch office in London'. The children or sub goals that help to achieve the parent include 'Hiring an office manager', 'Renting an office space', 'Setting up office furniture', and 'Installing computers and telephones'.
  6. Enter a Name that describes this goal; this is what the users will see when they view their goals.
  7. Enter an optional Goal ID number.
  8. Enter a Description of the goal. Note that this description will be visible to the Learner and Manager on the My Goals page.
  9. Select the Type of goal. If a goal is assigned a type it inherits any custom fields that have been assigned to that type. This allows you to organise meta-data relating to your goals and only show the fields that each goal requires.
  10. After selecting the Type and saving the goal, you will need to edit the goal to set the custom field values associated with this type.
  11. The name of the Scale that will be used to assess the goal is displayed. This Scale is set at the framework level; if this goal requires a different scale, then it will need to be created as part of a different framework.
  12. Set the Target date that the goal needs to be completed by, if applicable. Note that this date is currently informational only; it does not trigger notifications or reminders.
  13. Click the Save Changes button.

Edit a company goal

After a goal has been created, it can be edited from the goal overview page.

The Actions column includes the ability to:

  • Edit: Update an existing goal’s settings.
  • Show/Hide: If a goal is hidden it does not affect any existing assignments; it just prevents the goal from being selected or assigned to others.
  • Delete: Deleting a goal also removes any assignments to groups of users and any goal achievement data for those users.
  • Reorder: Use the arrows to change the order that goals appear in.

Goals can also be exported to an output file, including Excel, ODS, or CSV format. Select the format and click the Export button to create the file.

Add multiple company goals

  1. Select Add from the Bulk actions drop down.
  2. Select the Parent goal or if these are top-level goals select 'Top'.
  3. Enter the Name of each goal on a single line.
  4. The Scale used to assess these goals will be displayed.
  5. Enter the Target date by which these goals should be achieved.
  6. Click the Save Changes button.

Delete multiple company goals

  1. To delete goals, select Delete from the Bulk actions drop down.
  2. Click on the goals that you wish to delete in the left-hand column to select them. Then click the Add button.
  3. After the goals have moved to the right-hand column, click the Delete selected goals button.

Move multiple goals

  1. Groups of goals can be reassigned to a different parent goal.
  2. Select Move from the Bulk actions drop down.
  3. Click on the goals that you wish to move in the left-hand column to select them. Then click the Add button.
  4. Then go to the Move selected goals to dropdown at the bottom of the page. Select the new parent goal and click the Move button.
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