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The Guest role is useful when you do not wish to set up an account for someone or make your course publicly accessible, however, you do want to allow one or more people to view course materials. When guest access is enabled for a course, then anyone who logs in as a guest can access any viewable content but they will not be able to participate in the course (for example they can't post in a forum or complete a questionnaire). 

Enabling guest access

You can enable guest access on your course by following these steps:

  1. Go to course you wish to enable access on. 
  2. Under Course administration, go to Users > Enrolment methods.
  3. Alongside the Guest access, click the eye icon to enable.
    • If you don't see Guest access in the table then you might first have to select it from the Add method dropdown list. 

You can access setting by clicking on the cog icon, although there are only two settings:

Allow guest accessThis enables or disables guest access just like the eye icon.-
PasswordYou can enter a password so that only guest users you give this to can access you course.-

If you decide to make any adjustments to the settings then you will need to remember to click the Save changes button when you are done. 

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