Totara 12 will no longer be fully supported from October 2023. Urgently consider upgrading to a later version.

Help documentation for up-to-date versions is available here.

The Program completions block lists one or more selected programs and the user's completion status for each.

The program names displayed in the block content link to the individual programs. The user's completion status displays a progress bar if the logged in user is assigned to the program, otherwise Not assigned is displayed.

The block honours availability and visibility settings so only programs that are available to and visible by the logged in user may be displayed.

Configuring Program completions block

In addition to the standard or Common block settings, there are a number of configurable options specific to the Program completions block.





The title text to display in the block header. 'Program completions' is used if no title text is specified.

Title linkText to use as a URL if you want the block title to function as a link. URL validity is not checkedLeave empty for a plain text block title that does not function as a link.-
ProgramsThe programs to be considered for display in the block content. Selected programs will be displayed in a list underneath this option. Programs can be deleted from this list using the delete icon next to the program name. If no programs have been selected in this option the block is not displayed.-
Show not assigned

By default the block only displays the programs (selected in the above option) which have been assigned to the logged in user. This checkbox can be used to show all programs selected in the above option, including those that have not been assigned to the logged in user. If this option is unchecked (default) and the logged in user is not assigned to any of the programs (selected in the above option) the block is not displayed.

Maximum showDefines the maximum number of programs to show in the list before displaying a Show more... link. Clicking Show more... displays the full list along with a Show less... link allowing the user to toggle between displaying the maximum defined number of programs and the full list. Leave empty or 0 for unlimited.-
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