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The question types settings section allows a Site Administrator to control which question types are available on the site in a quiz or lesson activity.

(The video above is taken from the Plugins and Advanced Features course in the Totara Academy).

Manage question types

  1. Select Site administration > Plugins > Question types > Manage question types. 
  2. Use the show/hide icons (,) to enable or disable a question type.
  3. Use the arrows to change the order the question order type appear.

In the No. questions column you can click the linked number to get a list of all the courses using that question type. 

For more details on each of the question types, please see Quiz question types.

Question preview defaults

As a Site Administrator you can configure the defaults for when a user first previews a question in the question bank from Site administration > Plugins > Question types > Question preview defaults. Once a user has previewed a question, their personal preferences are stored as user preferences.

Remember to click Save changes after making any changes to save them. 




How questions behave

Decide which question behaviour you want to be default. Choose from:

  • Adaptive mode: Learners can have multiple attempts at the question, with hints, before moving on to the next question.
  • Adaptive mode (no penalties): Like Adaptive mode however an incorrect response does not affect a Learner's quiz grade.
  • Deferred feedback: Learners must enter an answer to each question and submit the entire quiz before anything is graded or before they get any feedback.
  • Deferred feedback with Certainty-based marking (CBM): With CBM, the learner does not only answer the question, but they also indicate how sure they are they got the question right.
  • Immediate feedback: Learners can submit their response immediately during the quiz attempt, and get it graded. However, they can only submit one response, they cannot change it later.
  • Immediate feedback with Certainty-based marking (CBM): The same as Immediate feedback except with CBM, so the learner also has to indicate how sure they are they got the question right.
  • Interactive mode: Learners can have multiple attempts at a question. If they are correct they may no longer change their answer and if they are wrong a certain number of times they are graded as wrong (or partially correct). There can be different feedback after each try.
Whether correctDecide whether you want the learner to be shown whether they are correct or not.-

Decide how you want marks to be shown. Choose from:

  • Not shown
  • Show max mark only
  • Show mark and max
Decimal places in gradesSet the default number of decimal points to be used in grades. -
Specific feedbackChoose whether or not to show specific feedback. -
General feedbackDecide whether or not to show general feedback. -
Right answerChoose whether or not to show the correct answer. -
Response historyDecide whether or not to show the history of the learners response to the question.-

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