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The recurring course functionality within program management can be used to create a program that includes one course that learners need to repeat at regular intervals.

When a program is set up with a recurring course a new course occurrence is set up at the required interval. The previous course is renamed to include the recurrence date and hidden to ensure learners are not able to access the old course.

To create the new course Totara Learn automatically completes a backup and restore of the existing course. Any changes made to the existing course are backed up and restored to the new occurrence of the course.

The learners assigned to the program are automatically enrolled in the new occurrence of the course.

Please see Managing programs for information on creating a program with a recurring course.

Recurring courses versus Certifications

For training programs that require more than one course, requires an adaptive learning path and/or should be run within the same course environment each time, the Certifications functionality should be employed.

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