Totara 12 will no longer be fully supported from October 2023. Urgently consider upgrading to a later version.

Help documentation for up-to-date versions is available here.

The Report table block displays tabular data belonging to a selected Report builder report. Optionally a saved search for the report can also be selected to limit the data shown in the block.

The block content only displays the data table from the selected report including pagination and the option to sort by column headings. Other report functionality (such as filters, saved searches, and export options) are not included but can be accessed by clicking the View full report link at the bottom of the block content.

The records shown in the data table are restricted to the records accessible by the logged in user, not for the user who created the block.

If the selected report or selected saved search being used becomes unavailable (for example it is deleted or the search is made not public) then the block will act as if no report was selected and the block will not be shown.

Note that configuring two blocks with same report on the same page can interfere with column sorting.

Configuring Report table block

In addition to the standard or Common block settings, there are a number of configurable options specific to the Report table block.





The title text to display in the block header. If no title text is specified (default) the name of the selected report is used as the block title.

ReportThe Report dropdown allows you to select which report to display in the block. If no report is selected or if the logged in user does not have access to the selected report, the block will not be shown.

Only user generated reports are listed for selection. Embedded reports are not included since they may depend on URL parameters that are not be available on every page where the block may be displayed. User generated reports with Hide in my reports checked are still included in the dropdown list.

Only reports that the block creator has access to will be displayed in the dropdown list. The currently selected report is always shown, even if the user configuring the block does not have access to it. For example, if the block is created by one user then edited by another or the block creator loses access to a report they previously selected for display in the block. If the user switches to a different report then the inaccessible report is removed and is unavailable for selection on subsequent configuration attempts.
Saved search

Once a report is selected the Saved search dropdown is enabled and automatically populated with any public saved searches associated with the selected report. 'All available data' is the default and the only option available if the report has no public saved searches.

Modifying the Report dropdown will reset the Saved search dropdown. If a selected saved search becomes unavailable the behaviour of the Saved search dropdown is the same as for a report that has become inaccessible (see above).

Backward incompatibility of saved searches with third party filters might occur. If saved searches do not work with your third party filters please contact the developer of these filters to update them.

Hide block if zero resultsIf checked (the default) then the entire block is hidden if the selected report and associated saved search setting returns no records accessible by the logged in user. If unchecked and no results are returned then the block is shown with a message 'There are no records that match your selected criteria'.-
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