Totara 12 will no longer be fully supported from October 2023. Urgently consider upgrading to a later version.

Help documentation for up-to-date versions is available here.

The Statistics block allows managers to view information about how their team members have used the Totara site over the last 30 days.

To ensure that useful information is collected and displayed in this block, you need to enable statistics on your site. You can do this by going to Quick-access menu > Advanced features, then check the box for Enable statistics.

You can configure the block to change which statistics are displayed.

As the Statistics block only displays information about a user's team members (users they are managing), it is an ideal block to add to a dedicated Team Manager dashboard

If no statistics are displayed in the block it may be because the user viewing the block does not manage any other users.

Configuring the Statistics block

In addition to the standard or Common block settings, there are a number of configurable options specific to the Statistics block.

Show count of users who have spent a certain number of hours onlineTo use this setting you need to Enable the setting and set the value you want to use for Number of hours to display. The block will then display the number of users in the manager's team who have spent longer than the number of hours specified on the site.In order to count towards this statistic each user only needs to be logged in for the required number of hours. This statistic does not measure how long users spend completing activities, only how long they spend logged in.
Show count of courses that have been startedClick Enable to show how many courses have been started by users in the manager's team.Depending on how each course has been configured, a course may count as 'started' after the Learner has viewed it for the first time, or once they have completed the first activity.
Show count of courses that have been completedClick Enable to show how many courses have been completed by users in the manager's team.Find out more how courses are marked as complete on the Course completions page.
Show count of competencies that have been achievedClick Enable to show how many competencies have been achieved by users in the manager's team.Managers should review their team members' Learning Plans or the Record of Learning to find out the details of these competencies.
Show count of objectives that have been achievedClick Enable to show how many objectives have been achieved by users in the manager's team.-

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