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All production Totara sites need to enter a registration code. Registering a site makes a connection between the site registration data and a specific invoiced subscription. This allows us to reconcile site registrations against valid Totara subscriptions which has several benefits:

  • Allows us to look up code version and system information when providing support via the helpdesk, saving time.
  • Allows us to validate genuine registrations so we can accurately identify all production sites.

This helpful so we can focus our time on developing for versions that are being actively used and offer better help. 

Any sites that are upgraded to the January 2018 release or any subsequent release will include a registration form and be redirected to register immediately following the upgrade. 

Registering your software is not an End User Licensing Agreement. Registration establishes the subscriber's right to receive Totara’s software update service, technical support of your product and access to associated customer services such as access to the Totara Academy and Totara Community

If you do not have your registration code or are experiencing problems, your Totara Partner will be able to help, or please contact [email protected].

Registering your site

Subscription registration codes are made available for a subscription as soon as the subscription is 'awaiting activation'. To obtain the registration code:

  1. Firstly you will need to obtain your registration code, this can be done in the following ways:
    • By contacting your Totara Partner and requesting the code from them. 
    • If you are a direct subscriber then you will be given the code directly from Totara Learning. 
  2. Next, as a Site Administrator, login to the site you want to register and click Site administration > Totara Registration.
  3. Select Type of site as Production and paste the registration code from into the text box (you should not need to adjust other settings).
  4. Click Save to finish and submit the form.

Totara site registration


Type of site

 The options are:

  • Production
  • QA / Staging
  • Demo
  • Development

You will need to select Production as this indicates the site is live and currently being used by real users.

The Production site type is the only one that needs a registration code.
Registration code

This is where you will need to paste the registration code obtained from your partner.

This is entered only once.
Data last sentThis will display the date you last sent registration information, it will either be Never or the time of your last registration.-
Registration information to be sentThis allows you to see a full list of data transmitted.-

Registering via config.php

Partners wishing to automate the registration process can register programmatically by specifying the following fields in the site's config.php file:

$CFG->sitetype = 'production'; // Options are 'production', 'qa', 'demo' or 'development'.
$CFG->registrationcode = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; // Unique 16 character long alphanumeric code.

Note the registration code must be provided for production sites and each site must have its own unique code.

We recommend developers working for partners include $CFG->sitetype = 'development'; in their default config.php file and any automated deployment code be updated to set the correct value for staging and test sites.

You can find more information, including FAQs in the Subscription portal documentation

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