Totara 12 will no longer be fully supported from October 2023. Urgently consider upgrading to a later version.

Help documentation for up-to-date versions is available here.

The Grid Catalogue is enabled by default within all new installations of Totara Learn v12 onwards, however alternatively, you can use the Category or Report display for your catalogue.

To use the Category or Report catalogue go to Advanced features within the Site administration menu and select the desired option from the Catalogue type setting and Save changes.

Report catalogue

The Report catalogue (previously know as the Enhanced catalogue) is based on an Embedded report and supports faceted search and filtering by multiple criteria.

Configuring the report catalogue

The report catalogue layout is managed using the Report builder.  To edit the Report catalogue, click on Find Learning > Courses and then click the Edit report button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

You can also access editing tools by going to the Site Administration menu and clicking on Reports > Report builder > Manage embedded reports.

Note there are three Report catalogue reports:

  • Find Courses
  • Enhanced catalog: Certifications
  • Enhanced catalog: Programs

Click the edit icon next to the report page you wish to edit.  For more information on editing reports, please see Managing reports.


Administrators can add new columns to a catalogue report page by clicking the Add another column dropdown under the Columns tab.

To customise the heading displayed above the column, check the box and enter a new heading title. You can also hide, delete and reorder the columns in the catalogue using the corresponding Options icons.

Editing the Report catalogue


Within the Columns tab, under Sorting, administrators can select the Default Column the catalogue page will be sorted against. Set the Default order to Ascending (A to Z, 1 to 9) or Descending (Z to A, 9 to 1).

Users viewing the catalogue will be able to select a column title to sort based on other column data, such as the course start date.

Click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page. To preview the course catalog, click the View This Report link.


Filters allow you to select the search fields which will appear at the top and side of the page.

There are three types of filters available:

  • Standard filters: Standard filters appear at the top of the page above the columns of data in the report. The user can enter/select criteria and click the Search button. Additional filters can be added to the page and hidden behind an Advanced button to allow users access to less commonly used filters.

  • Sidebar filters: Sidebar filters appear in a column on the side of the page. The user can put a tick in the check box next to the items they wish to filter by. A number displayed next to each filter option shows how many courses meet the criteria. As soon as the user clicks, the page automatically refreshes to display the appropriate course(s).

  • Toolbar search: The toolbar search allows the user to search multiple fields for text, for example the Course Name, Summary, Shortname, ID Number, Course Category and Tags. Site Administrators define which of these fields will be included in the search.

Standard filter options

Standard filter options allow you to customise the filters that appear above your report. The available filters are determined by the source of the report. Each report source has a set of default filters. 
A filter can appear in either the standard filter area or the sidebar filter area, but not both. Filters can be added, sorted and removed. 
To add a new filter to the report:

  1. Choose the required filter from the Add another filter dropdown menu.
  2. Click Save changes

When Advanced is checked the filter will not appear in the Search by box by default, you can click Show advanced when viewing a report to see these filters.

Sidebar filter options

Sidebar filter options allow you to customise the filters on the side of your report. Sidebar filters have instant filtering enabled - each change made to a filter will automatically refresh the report data (if certain system requirements are met).

A filter can appear in either the standard filter area or the sidebar filter area, but not both. Filters can be added, sorted and removed. 
To add a new filter to the report:

  1. Choose the required filter from the Add another filter... dropdown menu.
  2. Click Save changes

When Advanced is checked the filter will not appear in the Search by box by default, you can click Show advanced when viewing a report to see these filters. 
The filters will appear in the Search by box in the order they are listed. Use the up and down arrows to change the order. 
Click the Delete icon to the right of the report filter to remove the filter from the report.  Click the Save changes button to apply any changes.

Report catalogue

Category catalogue

The Category catalogue displays the hierarchical category system configured in Site administration > Courses > Manage courses and categories area and can be found under Find Learning once enabled.

Categories and sub-categories are expanded/collapsed on selection and courses can be launched directly (where available to the user).

Category catalogue display

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