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Completion conditions can be set on activities in a course; you can then use these activities as part of your overall course completion conditions. Use this resource to learn more about setting activity completion conditions.

If a learner has completed the activity, completion options are 'locked'. This is because changing these options may result in unexpected behaviour. It is possible to unlock completion conditions, but you need to be careful as this may cause unexpected behaviour. 

Activity completion conditions

Each activity type has completion conditions relevant to that activity. There are common completion settings that appear on most activities:

Completion tracking: Provides options to determine how the activity is marked complete.

There are three options:

  • Do not indicate activity completion: Turns completion tracking off for this activity.
  • User can manually mark the activity as completed: Allows learners to mark themselves as complete by checking the box next to the activity on the course page.
  • Show activity as complete when conditions are met: Marks a learner complete when the conditions set here (specific to the type of activity you are viewing) are met.

Require view: When enabled the learner must view the activity only to be marked as complete.

Require grade: When enabled the learner must get a grade for the activity.

When Require grade is enabled use the course Gradebook to set the passing grade for the quiz activity. See 'Setting a Passing Grade' to learn more.

Expect completed on: is an optional field that lets you associate a date with the activity completion. The date is only used to track a learner's progress and help a trainer determine if a learner is falling behind in their course work. This date does not affect the behaviour of the system. An activity can be completed after this date and the grade recorded.

The ‘Expect completed’ date displays on the course progress report.

Unlocking Course Completion Conditions

When you select to Unlock completion options and delete user completion data, all completion information for the activity is deleted. You can then set new completion conditions for the activity, when you click Save changes on the Activity Settings page Totara will, where possible, regenerate the user completion data according to the new settings.


When you change completion conditions once learners have already completed the activity you need to be aware of the impact of your change:

  • If the new completion option is manual, everyone is set to 'not completed' regardless of any previous setting.

  • If it is automatic then, depending on the options chosen, the system may or may not be able to construct a correct current value for everyone.

  • The 'viewed' requirement cannot generate a complete status on activities the learner has previously viewed, unless they view it again.

  • If you change completion options while a student is logged in, they may not see the changes for some minutes.


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