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The reports below are used to help Site administrators manage the site. These reports are available under Site Administration > Reports.

These reports are not modifiable by the Report builder.

In-built reports

Report nameDescription

See all comments created on the site.


Displays a list of all course backups made, the time taken to create them, their status, and the next scheduled automated backup execution time.

Config changes report

Shows changes made by an administrator to the site configuration.


Activity reports for course or site.

Live Logs

Live logs from the past hour as a table.

Performance overview

Overview of settings that may impact site performance such as Theme Designer Mode or Debugging.

Question instances

Reports where particular question types are used on the site.

Security overview

Status overview of security related settings such as Guest role and Web cron. For more advice on recommended settings see our Security page.

Spam cleanerHelpful tool for rooting out spam users if you do not have Captcha required as part of authentication.

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