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Once attendees are booked for the session and the session date and time occurs in the past, the trainer has the ability to take attendance.

1. Click on the Face-to-face activity in the course page.

2. Go to the session that needs to be marked and click on the Attendees link. Notice that this may appear to be greyed out, if the session has already ended.


3. Click on the Take attendance tab.


4. It is possible to quickly mark attendance in bulk by selecting “All”, “Set” or “Not Set” from the Select down-down and using the Bulk actions drop-down to mark the selected learners as “No Show”, “Partially Attended” or “Fully Attended” for the session.

a. Selecting “All” will select all learners

b. Selecting “Set” will select all learners that have already been marked with an attendance status

c. Selecting “Not Set” will select all learners that have not been marked with an attendance status.

Next to each learner, you can also select the dropdown in the Attended session column and mark attendance for individual learners.


5. Click the Save attendance button at the bottom of the screen to save these changes.



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