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Site administrators and users with the capability badges:manageglobalsettings can set up general settings for badges such as default issuer name, contacts details, and enable course badges or external backpack connections. These settings are used to populate relevant fields of a new badge form and can be changed by a badge creator if necessary.

Badge settings



Default badge issuer name

Here you set the name and email address of the issuer. The name will appear where the badges are displayed and might typically be the name of the organisation.

Salt for hashing recipient's email address

If a hash is used (numbers and letters only) then backpack services can confirm a badge earner without exposing their email address.

Enable connection to external backpacks

This should be enabled in order to connect to, for example Mozilla Open Badges. Note that this will not work on a Totara that is hosted locally or offline.

Enable course badges

Ticking this box will allow teachers to add and manage badges in their courses.
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