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Desktop browser support in Totara Learn

Totara Learn is written in-line with industry web standards including XHTML, HTML5, and ECMAScript 5.1 (commonly referred to as JavaScript). Totara Learn should work correctly in any browser that claims to support these standards.

Browsers often develop their own interpretation to the less clearly defined areas of these specifications. This can lead to differences in how a page is displayed in even the most prominent browsers in the market. Browser support also varies greatly when looking at the latest standards such as CSS3, SVG and HTML5. For this reason, a list of supported browsers can be found within the INSTALL.txt file included with every release.

The list of supported browsers is finalised at the time of release. Once set for a major release it will not be changed. The browsers on this list are known to work with Totara and are tested as part of the Quality Assurance (QA) process for each release.

As most modern web browsers support modern web standards they are highly likely to work perfectly with Totara.

Mobile browser support in Totara Learn

We provided limited support for mobile browsers. If an issue is reported with Totara Learn for a mobile browser, we will track the issue and as resources allow we will work to resolve the issue.

The priority of the mobile issues is based upon the impact it has and the scope of the issue. If the issue has been reported for a modern version of a popular mobile browser it will be given a higher priority than an issue reported on the old version of an obscure mobile browser.

Mobile device support in Totara Learn

Unlike browsers in which support is focused to specific vendor offerings, mobile device support looks at how the Totara Learn product works on mobile devices in general.

Mobile devices bring a set of challenges and unique constraints with them including the likes of:

  • Addition of touch and gesture controls.
  • Absence of traditional controls such as hover and focus.
  • Reduced screen size.
  • Limited connectivity.

Totara Learn already includes several mobile specific features and we try to ensure that the product is usable both on traditional computers and on mobile devices. Areas such as navigation, expandable/collapsible sections, and actions should all work with both traditional and mobile controls. There are also responsive themes provided with Totara that will re-flow for smaller resolutions to give the best possible user experience.

Totara Learn browser support by version

Information on the supported browsers for stable releases can be found both in the INSTALL.txt file accompanying the code or on the Technical Specification documentation page.

We do not officially support preview or beta releases of new browsers.

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