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Totara’s calendar displays the following events:

  • Site: These events are created by administrators and are viewable in all courses.
  • Course: These events are either created by trainers or are a result of setting closing dates for activities such as assignments and quizzes, or repeating chat sessions. Course events are only viewable by course participants.
  • Groups: These events are created by trainers and are only viewable by members of a group.
  • User: These are personal events that a user can create and are only viewable by the user.

Calendar Admin settings

The following settings can be changed by a Site administrator in Site Administration > Appearance > Calendar:

Calendar typeThe admin can choose a default calendar type for the whole site here (the default is Gregorian) Individual users can override this in the course settings or in their user profile.

Admins see all

Whether admins see all calendar events or just those that apply to themselves.

Time display format

Whether a 12 or 24 hour format is used. This setting can be overridden by user preferences.

Start of week

Default is Sunday.

Weekend days

Weekend days are shown in a different colour.
Days and events to look aheadFor determining how many events are listed in the Upcoming Events block. If the Upcoming Events block becomes too long you can reduce the number of days and events to look ahead.

Calendar export days to look ahead and back

A custom range of dates, such as a school term or year, may be set as a calendar export option.

Calendar export salt

The calendar export salt is a random string of characters used for improving of security of authentication tokens used for exporting of calendars.

Click Save changes to save your settings.

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