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Chat features

Online chat is a bit like using your mobile phone to text, except it’s on your PC screen. The whole group can take part and you can all see the ‘string’ of messages flowing, one after the other in real time. Use this resource to learn about setting up chat.

Chat features include:

  • The Chat module allows smooth, synchronous text interaction.
  • It can be limited to group members or roles, or be for anyone in the course.
  • Includes profile pictures in the chat window.
  • Supports URLs, smilies, embedded HTML, images etc.
  • All sessions are logged for later viewing, and these can also be made available to learners.

Chat Capabilities

When compared to the forum capabilities, chat capabilities are very constrained. The three capabilities available in the chat module are:

  1. Talk in a chat: This allows a user to chat.
  2. Read chat logs: This allows a user to read the logs of a chat and review what was said by whom.
  3. Delete chat logs: This allows a user to delete the logs of a chat. By default, only trainers can delete chat logs.

Creating a Chat

To use the chat tool, you need to create a chat room for you and your learners and set a time when everyone logs in to meet. You can create one session for the entire course or set up repeating sessions for multiple meetings.

  1. Click Turn editing on.
  2. Select Chat from the Add an activity... dropdown menu.
  3. Enter the chat name, this appears on the course page for learners.
  4. Customise the available settings as required, see Chat Settings to learn more.
  5. Click Save and display (or Save and return to course).

Chat Settings

General Settings

Repeat sessions: There are four options here:

  • Don’t publish any chat times: Creates a chat room that is always open and has no specified meeting times.
  • No repeats: Creates a one-time chat room that will meet only during the time specified.
  • At the same time every day: Creates an entry in the course calendar for a daily chat at the time specified.
  • At the same time every week: Creates a weekly entry in the course calendar.

Save past sessions: When a chat is complete, the transcript will be available for the amount of time specified here.

Everyone can view past sessions: This determines whether transcripts are available to trainees, or just the trainer.

Common module settings

See Common Module Settings to learn more.

Activity completion

See Activity Completion to learn more.

Restrict access

See Restrict Access to learn more.

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