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The Choice module is like a single question poll.

  • Trainers see an intuitive table view of who chose what.
  • Learners can optionally be allowed to see an up-to-date graph of results.

Choice Capabilities

The choice module capabilities are restricted to managing the responses from learners:

  • Record a choice: Allows a user to answer the choice.
  • Read responses: Allows a user to view other users’ responses.
  • Delete responses: Allows a user to delete choice responses.
  • Download responses: Allows a user to download the full dataset of responses from other users.

Adding/Editing a Choice Activity

Add a Choice activity

  1. Click Turn editing on.
  2. Select Choice from the Add an activity... dropdown menu.
  3. Enter a choice activity name, this appears on the course page for learners.
  4. Customise the available settings as required, see Choice Settings to learn more.
  5. Click Save and display (or Save and return to course).

Edit a Choice activity

  1. Click Turn editing on.
  2. Click Edit next to the choice activity.
  3. Make the required changes.
  4. Click Save and display (or Save and return to course).

Administering Choices

After learners have answered the choice, you can see their responses via the View xx responses link at the top right of the choice page. Unlike the learners view of the results, irrespective of whether results are published anonymously, you’ll see a column for each response with the learner's name.

Selected responses may be deleted if you wish. You may like to delete any test response you made.

As for surveys, results may be downloaded in a choice of three formats by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the choice responses page.

Choice Settings


Limit the number of responses allowed: This option allows you to limit the number of participants that can select each particular option. Once Limits have been enabled, each option can set a limit. When the limit is reached then no one else can select that option. A limit of zero (0) means that no one can select that choice. If Limits are disabled then any number of participants can select any of the options.

Allow more than one choice to be selected

If this is set to Yes then users may select more than one choice. The checkboxes display differently according to whether this is set to Yes or No.

Restrict answering to this period of time

Restrict times: This setting allows you to define a time window within which participants are allowed to make a choice. To set an open-ended close date just set the time very far in the future. If you don't need this at all then uncheck the box.

Miscellaneous Settings

Display mode: Choose whether the responses are displayed horizontally or vertically.

A small number of responses looks better displayed horizontally and a large number of responses and/or long responses look better displayed vertically.

Publish results: You have four options for revealing the results of the choice to trainees:

  • Do not publish results to trainees.
  • Show results to trainees immediately after they answer.
  • Show results to trainees only after the choice is closed (if you’ve set a closing time above).
  • Always show results to trainees.

Privacy of results: Depending upon your Publish results setting, you can choose whether to display trainees names with their response in the results.

Allow choice to be updated: If you want to allow trainees to change their minds after they’ve answered, set this to Yes. Otherwise, trainees will be able to answer the question only once.

Show column for unanswered: This option determines whether trainees will see the number of people who haven’t answered the question when they see the choice results.

Common module settings

See Common Module Settings to learn more.

Activity completion

See Activity Completion to learn more.

Restrict access

See Restrict Access to learn more.

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